Nouveau Rebel marble collection by Lee Broom

I never thought of marble as rebellious, but of course that is not the idea behind Lee Broom’s latest collection, Nouveau Rebel. “It’s a reference to how marble was always considered a luxury material, sort of nouveau riche, but the idea was to create new pieces and call it Nouveau Rebel,” Broom told Dezeen.




Over the last few years we have seen a lot more marble creeping back into the design festivals after a long recession forcing designers to look at simple shapes and inexpensive materials. It appears those days are over and the nouveau riche have moved back in.

Lee Broom’s collection launched during the London Design Festival within his East London showroom with new lighting, accessories and glassware hidden from immediate view within a dramatic curtained maze. Every turn unveiled a new product made from the 5mm thick marble to allow the light to pass through the material.

The collection is made up of five new products made of crystal and marble. His collection fuses contrasting materials such as Carrara marble and hand-blown lead crystal to create a range of products.


Designer: Lee Broom
Manufacturer: Lee Broom
Year: 2014
Price: From £60 (for glassware)


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