Jasper Morrison glassware for Ando Gallery at SCP

Precisely two months and two days ago, I stopped by the SCP event to see Simplified Beauty, an exhibition of contemporary design, a celebration of things made as they should be. Co-curated by SCP founder Sheridan Coakley and British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko, the show featured a blend of work from Japan, America and Britain, exploring how different cultures approach simplicity and beauty.

My focus was immediately drawn to the work of the Shotoku Glass Company with the new Ando drinking glass designs by British designer Jasper Morrison. Established in 1922, Shotoku was initially a manufacturer of glass for light bulbs, later utilising this incredibly precise hand-crafting techniques, to produce a range of glassware notable for its thinness, lightness and beauty.


Shotoku Glass Company at SCP

The thin, light Ando glassware was conceived when Koichi Ando of the Ando Gallery asked Jasper Morrison for “a simple glass, easy to use in everyday life.” Made from Barium crystal and presented in a wooden box, the Ando glassware is available in two sizes.

Ando glassware

Designer: Jasper Morrison
Manufacturer: Shotoku Glass Company for Ando Gallery
Year: 2014
Price: From £18.95 per glass, Ando glassware from £21 per glass


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