Eley Kishimoto launches new wallpaper (#LDF14)

Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto are better known for their original, and eye-catching designs in the fashion world but they have definitely broadened this over the years to include applying their patterns to a car, a bicycle, furniture and so on. This means that it should be no surprise that Eley Kishimoto have decided to make waves in the world of wallpaper.

Screen-printed in their Brixton studio, the new wallpaper collection is the latest project for the small London-based design team – “a re-working of seminal prints from the studio’s archive that unifies existing designs with both garments and walls, resulting in a visceral exploration of surface decoration”.


As the team were putting together the final touches to their launch at Decorex, I got a tour of their workshop seeing the room in which they screen-print each roll themselves… by hand. This is artisan craftsmanship at its best where the designers, despite their global status, are so involved in the production process that they have worked with the in-house printer to source the best paper and paint to print unique pieces in their own space to keep quality to an absolute maximum.

We might be used to seeing great prints of wallpaper, but when you get up close to these prints, you can see the hand-crafted work in each roll making it such a strong talking point. Whether you choose to have several walls papered in the print, enclosing the room in a bold and modern pattern, or use it across one wall, these prints will lift the room more than you will find with many other papers.


Designer: Eley Kishimoto
Manufacturer: Eley Kishimoto
Year: 2014
Price: £160 per roll


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