“Obsolescence is a crime” Massimo Vignelli

Planned obsolescence is the design and manufacture of products that are deliberately intended to have a limited useful life. The result is that you are forced into an everlasting cycle of replacing, repurchasing and repeating.

Designer Massimo Vignelli was said “Obsolescence is a crime”. He couldn’t be more right. This is the message that Vitsœ live by and whilst I worked for them during most of my twenties this was something that I firmly believed in. My love of the slow movement grew out of this message and I began to search for a way to live better, with less, that lasts longer.

Whilst many of us look for the latest fashions for clothing and the home, Vitsœ is quietly going about its way selling the same product that it has done for over 50 years. I cannot think of any company that is doing the same thing without messing around with the product. Even my beloved Ercol are playing around with their products.

You can read a lot more of the message at vitsoe.com and treat yourself to the first purchase that will start a lifetime of love for this little furniture company.


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