Melrose and Morgan’s fantastic shop

Melrose and Morgan is a grocery shop and kitchen providing a range of seasonal foods, hand-prepared with premium ingredients.

I am such a fan of Melrose and Morgan, and every time I get the opportunity to be in Primrose Hill, I head to their beautiful shop to see what they have on offer that day.

There are always fresh pasta salads, or sausage rolls and some really delicious chocolate brownies.  For foody friends, it is a great gift shop, offering boxes of Toffee, or their famous cotton bags.



During the summer, they offer picnic bags, although these are very pricey so I have never bought one. Whilst I leave colleagues to head off to Morrison’s (yuck), I disappear down the canal one stop to rummage in their fridge for some Jimmy’s Farm sausages (yum).

With a new store in Hampstead, they are only going to grow bigger and bigger. Please Melrose and Morgan, open in Marylebone so that I can enjoy you daily!

Visit the Melrose and Morgan website


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