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The Golden Hind was an English galleon best known for its global circumnavigation between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake, but this fish & chip shop appears to have no connection to the famous and superbly grand vessel, yet it attracts an audience worthy of one.


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I have lived in Marylebone for 7 years now and never tire of the Golden Hind’s tasty fish suppers. Opened in 1914 by Mr Esposito (an Italian) and passed through two further Italian owners and one Greek owner up to the current, also Greek, owner Mr Christou (since 2002) this central London fish restaurant has stood the test of time.

Its original art deco fryer now sits at the rear of the cramped dining room but is sadly only used for storage. You can see the Greek influence in the Feta Fritters yum that they serve up as main courses.


Photo courtesy of Claire’sWorldofPictures


If you have a penchant for the art deco, or fish & chips then this is a place not to miss. You do have to wait for quite some time, even on a weekday as the place is small, but it is worth the wait. Either that, or do as I do and invite friends around to the flat to sit with them on my lap.

Mr Christou tells me that The Golden Hind is expanding next door in the next few weeks, so the queue’s may go down but more room to get in and eat those Feta Fritters. Thank you Mr Christou.

The Golden Hind
73 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2PN


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