Branksome China: Established 1945



Branksome China was founded in 1945 by Ernest Baggaley, a gifted potter who learnt his craft in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the English ceramics industry. Ernest was a visionary; formerly head of works at Poole Pottery, he developed a special recipe to create a unique porcelain; fine and light, yet strong and durable, designed for everyday use. The recipe remains unchanged to this day.

Ernest Baggaley in his workshop, 1948

Their signature style is the two-tone colour combination that has made them widely known worldwide. Oddly enough, I first saw and touched this china in Tokyo two years ago. Admittedly it was in the ever-so-English Margaret Howell Lifestyle store, of which there is also one two minutes walk from me in London, but I had never spotted it in there.

All of the china is produced in a little town north of the New Forest called Fordingbridge in a disused 1930s Cinema. Such a fitting building for this company to produce these beautiful products. There is a small shop that you can visit and if you ask, they will give you a tour of the factory and works.

The well stocked shop offers everything from a simple beaker to a dinner service, available in a myriad of Branksome colours, and all safe in microwave, oven and dishwasher.





Photographs Nina Pope

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