Lawrence Weiner, sculptor?

Born in the Bronx, New York on 10 February 1942, Lawrence Weiner is one of the most important living American artists.  A key member of the New York conceptual art world of the 1960s, for over forty years he has been using language as his primary material.  Whilst usually taking the form of large typographic wall texts he refers to his work as sculpture, and the words, phrases and statements he employs are often representative of states or processes grounded in the physical world.

Lawrence has lived in the UK since the 1960s and has almost lost all of his US accent to be replaced by a distinctly smokers tone.

Portrait of Lawrence Weiner, Fundació Suñol, Barcelona

Courtesy of latitudes-flickr

I saw the work of Lawrence Weiner at Tate St Ives during a visit two years ago and was really taken by how strong the work seemed and how simple it was that it really brings the viewer into the work and you are not distracted by any other visual noise.

Not to mention that I have always been such a fan of typography in art, and am always drawn towards any work that uses strong type in the work.

Here are some more images of Lawrence’s work…

Lawrence Weiner

Courtesy of locomomo

Lawrence Weiner 'Under The Sun' EACC Castelló

Courtesy of latitudes-flickr

Lawrence Weiner 'Under The Sun' EACC Castelló

Courtesy of latitudes-flickr


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