Cassannet font inspired by Cassandre posters

Very few font launches get the attention that Cassannet has done. Of course, the inspiration for the font was the posters designed by Cassandre, pseudonym of Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, a Ukrainian-French painter.

His creations for Dubonnet were among the first posters designed to be seen by occupants in moving vehicles and are memorable for their innovative graphic solutions and their frequent denotations to such painters as Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso.

This font, with its many glyphs to play with, include the essential ingredients to create posters with the same impact that Cassandre had… just add some style, grace and originality…





So what better way to launch the font than to create a short film recreating one of the most famous Dubonnet posters. The brogues, the brogues, how sad to see brogues ruined… but it is in the name of art. Enjoy…



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