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I’ve been spending a lot of time with the RiseArt team lately and keep discovering so many artists that I’m really enjoying uncovering. Looking back through my list of favourites I realise that I am drawn to the UNIT drawings of artist Dai Roberts. Dai references the ideas of movements such as the Constructivists and the Bauhaus, which can be seen in the geometrical shapes and abstraction. Think of industrial, sharp, brutal even, forms and this gives you the visual representation of Constructivism.


His work attempts to blend different methods and mediums of production by using architecture and furniture as a reference point to reproduce the utopian desires of the early Modernists. I’m not featuring his furniture pieces here because they cross over to sculpture more than functional objects and it’s his prints from the UNIT series that I’m most in love with.



“UNIT started by manufacturing a set of materials in a unitary size,” says Dai. “This size was arrived at intuitively in relation to its ease of working within the human scale rather than by the use of other universal standards of measurement.”

The sculpture that he created was accompanied by a series of drawings, all used to inspire the final pieces. Three found materials were selected, acrylic sheet, particleboard and copper rods, chosen for their visual and constructive qualities. These materials appear to be pristine. A system was devised to work these materials into three-dimensional objects.

You can hear Dai talking to RiseArt about this work at the printer’s studio in North London…

Taken from a video interview with Dai Roberts by RiseArt.com


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