The typography idea book: a review

Some of you will know that my background is in graphic design, having studied at University of Leeds fifteen years ago. I never pursued it as a career, in all honesty I didn’t really think I was very good at it. I far more enjoyed the idea stage and research than the actual creation of design. Which explains a lot how I ended up starting a blog to discuss design.

When Laurence King Publishing sent me ‘The Typography Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters‘ which is the follow-up to ‘The Graphic Design Idea Book’ by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson which was released in April 2016, I was more than happy to flick through this book.


Citizen M’s affordable luxury

Mobile. That’s what the M in Citizen M stands for. Reflecting the target audience of busy people who don’t want the usual hotel experience but want to get in, somewhere to sleep and a great living area to relax in before bed. A “good shower, good bed, good wi-fi, coffee and some kind of environment, and good location.” That’s how they describe the experience of this affordable luxury hotel group.

I recently co-hosted an event at Citizen M Tower Hill as part of We Blog Design (our little community, a free network that informs, inspires and connects design bloggers), where I stayed in the hotel from 10am through to the next morning, experiencing this affordable luxury first hand.


Button & Sprung’s British-Made Mattresses

I was invited to visit the new showroom for Button & Sprung and see their beds and mattresses up close.

Beds and mattresses are starting to become a regular theme for me, as there are a lot of options on the market, many of which are all amazing quality. In the spirit of Atelier Tally I only feature products that I feel are ‘made to last’ so that you, my readers, can trust in the products that I feature. This interest comes from my current situation of buying my first flat and looking at what permanent decisions on furnishings I need to make. I have a great mattress already, but now have more beds to consider.

Having been asked to visit Button & Sprung and write up my thoughts, I was very keen to get my tired self on to these pocket sprung mattresses that their customers rave so much about. It was helpful that my visit was welcomed by managing director Adam Black (founder of Feather & Black) to give me the full low-down on why he’s started Button & Sprung.


A good night’s sleep. A Leesa Mattress review

There are a few products in our home that don’t get a lot of attention on design blogs. Often technology is one of them, although some companies are breaking through with products designed to be seen and not just used. Other products which receive very little attention are in fact the very products that we spend most of our time with. I’m talking about mattresses. But there is a quiet revolution happening in the bedroom due to the advanced technology going in to mattresses, both in terms of comfort and the way in which we buy them.

I love online shopping, I live and breathe it in my day job as well as personally shopping online a lot. I’m always interested to see companies pushing how we buy to new areas making it seem insane that we ever bought products a different way. When we started to buy holiday’s online, the brick-and-mortar companies thought it wouldn’t last because customers want to speak to a person before booking a holiday. I cannot recall the last time I stepped foot in Lunn Poly. Can you?