Terence Conran at 80

I recently wrote this article for my other project Heart Home magazine… I wanted to share it with you all. Read the article in the magazine on page 88.


On the eve of his 80th birthday, Sir Terence Conran can reflect on a long and fruitful career in high-street retail, restauranteering and the promotion of design in industry. Heart Home took some time out to celebrate the Conran empire.

Terence Conran 80th birthday 001

It seems strange to think that we have Sir Terence to thank for bringing the duvet to the British nation back in the Sixties, or for bringing the second Gaggia coffee machine to London during the Fifites. How this one man has discreetly shaped our lives is testament to his forward-thinking; he knows what we want before we know it ourselves.

Born 4 October 1931, Terence Orby Conran began a life of discovery and business. Venturing to France in his early life to work, he travelled back to the UK in the Fifties with a vision to bring Britain to where our European counterparts have been for so many years. He says ‘you could only buy olive oil from the chemist’. Now with several successful business ventures behind him, including several restaurants, The Conran Shop furniture emporium and, of course, the massively successful Habitat brand which he opened in 1964, Sir Terence is still working hard to democratise creativity and bring good design to the high street.

Terence Conran 80th birthday 002

His latest venture is a collaboration with mass-market powerhouse Marks & Spencer to bring good contemporary furniture in to the homes of the discerning Brits once more. Happy Birthday Sir Terence Conran!

Article was created closely with our friends at Crane.tv


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  • Stephen says:

    Wonderful piece on an extraordinary man….however, to spell his name wrong in the video is appalling!! As Sir TERENCE Conran would agree, attention to detail is critical for a successful final product!

  • Daniel says:

    I’m inclined to agree but I glossed over that as the content of the video was so lovely.

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