Ribbon by Claire Norcross at Homebase

Recently I’ve been reminding myself to talk about products ‘made to last’ although not just from the luxury variety, which I am guilty as charged for having done on many, many occasions. Not that there is something wrong with featuring luxury products…I do only talk about products I would buy if I had the space by saving up to invest in a piece I know I would really love.

So when I was invited by Homebase to take a look at the products they had in their store and choose a product to write about I was naturally excited to use this as a great opportunity to show that good design, and design made to last, is not for the elite but for everyone. And with Homebase being part of a high-street retail group incorporating Argos and Habitat, democratic design should be at the forefront to their design agenda.

With the wise move to bring Habitat products to Homebase stores all over the country, the reach of this democratic design has vastly grown bringing with it some great pieces of contemporary design that are proving they can stand the test of time.


Designed back in 2004, when Manolo Blahnik famously designed the sell-out shoehorn for the retailer, former in-house lighting designer for Habitat, Claire Norcross took pen to paper to create the Ribbon light – an award-winning Ribbon sculptural metal table lamp.

“‘Design Classic’ is an over-used phrase in this industry, but I expect it to be associated with the work of Claire Norcross for a long time to come.”
Sir Terence Conran


Claire Norcross was inspired by the shapes that are created when a ribbon is in movement, the form of the Ribbon lamp was developed through an exploration of origami and paper crafts which is evident when you look at the shapes she has formed to add structure to something so simple and elegant.

Best known for the range of designs produced whilst head of lighting at Habitat, including Ribbon which received the ‘Best in Lighting’ award from Elle Decoration magazine in 2006, Claire Norcross uses a range of materials and lighting technologies to create designs that are inspired by the natural world. In 2009, she was selected for the prestigious Jerwood Contemporary Makers Exhibition.


Designer: Claire Norcross
Manufacturer: Habitat
Year: 2004
Price: £160.00, available from Homebase


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