Mrs Lilien Styling House

Kelley Lilien, aka The Mrs, has made a career out of styling and graphic design… and this shows on her website She’s daring, dashing and somewhat dangerous or so says her website which introduces her mouth-watering images that she has styled.

She has worked for some of the great publications through he magnificent work, yet it took me some time to stumble across her work.

Mrs Lilian Blingo

What eventually caught my eye were some of the products that she has on the blog, all under one name – ‘shoppe‘. This collection of products continues the name that she has bestowed upon herself… the Mrs. Apparently there is a Mr also, but we don’t get to see him all too often.

Mrs lilien two tone tie

I was particularly interested in this idea for a two-tone tie, taking the shorter end and making it a detail to be shown off! You can buy this from the wonderful

Mrs lilien mister+missus

Sitting alongside this are some matching monogrammed towels, ideal if you are looking for a perfect wedding gift! You can pick these up from Furnish Studio.

I really liked the imagery across the website, including the card deck spades that appears throughout, and the particular shade of green that she has chosen… unusual colour to choose, but it works really well and stood out to me more than most sites do.

Mr+mrs cha cha cha

If you want to spend a bit more time in her presence, head over to Mrs Lilien Styling House for some indulgence!


Having worked in design for the past decade, Daniel started as a discussion of timeless, modernist product design. Trained as a graphic designer, he also has an avid interest in typography. You can follow him on Twitter @ateliertally.

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