Mirthe collection by Fabiaan Van Severen for Tribù

It’s incredibly rare for me to write about outdoor furniture, it generally doesn’t interest me. So I was really pleased to be taken to the Tribù head office in Belgium for a tour of their collection. I knew the company from trade shows and magazines, but hadn’t really focused much on their products. And thanks to Limblog Design Tour I was able to visit them.

The tour took an interesting route through the different materials and technology that the company has invested significant amounts of money in to developing. Soft, waterproof fabrics that can be left outside all year round, solid fabrics which deceive the eye in to thinking that they are soft and squishy (technical term), and weather-resistant metals and powder-coated furniture.


My geek was on full show as we walked around the space, and then I got up close with a collection that particularly interested me. Off-white powder-coated aluminium tables, chairs and sofas designed by Fabiaan Van Severen, the Mirthe collection would be at home in any modernist home…elegant and timeless.






What struck me about the design was the radius on the corner of all the pieces, with a sharp edge against the other angle, reminiscent of Dieter Rams 606 Universal Shelving System which is also available in off-white.

The chair looks like it has been designed from a single surface, in which the back legs move seamlessly up to the back. The table top has curved edges which gives the table a soft look. Very particular are the legs which are welded seamlessly in the length in an angle of 90° and are actually integrated in the table top.

The designer opted purposefully for aluminium for these outdoor furniture: robust, completely recyclable and ideal for outdoor use.


Designer: Fabiaan Van Severen
Manufacturer: Tribù
Year: 2015
Price: Table from €3,180


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