Dutch Design Week, Design Academy Eindhoven // #DDW13

When I mentioned to people that I was flying to Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week, I was greeted with fairly blank faces and the question of “why?”. The quizzical look was unfounded as Dutch Design Week has become a must-see for me at a great time of year when my eyes cannot take any more eye candy.

Upon returning home I was asked how it was and reported that it was full of some great, conceptual work and really refreshing to see. A real favourite was the, rather inevitable, Design Academy Eindhoven which we might have visited a total of three times over the four-day trip but we won’t go in to that. And we weren’t the only ones as the graduate show attracted more than 32,000 visitors which, to put in context with the London shows, where 27,000 people visited 100% Design 2012… the largest of the UK design shows. It makes you wonder why so much emphasis is placed upon design in London when quietly over the North Sea are shows attracting a very large audience of design glitterati.


Having elbowed the audience out of the way, I managed to snap the four award winners of the ‘Keep and Eye award’, presuming the losers perhaps lose an eye? Alongside this, two of them won the Rene Smeets award.

Here is a video interview with some of the finalists which I produced with Katie Treggiden, my Dutch Design Week partner in crime…


Above: Victoria Ledig’s Precious skin and Luc van Hoeckel’s Single Spark


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