Discipline’s birds from waste material

I know I’m not an easy person to buy a present for, so this year when asked what I would like for my birthday I created a list of products that I like, but would probably never get around to buying for myself. On that list was the Re-Turned animals designed by Lars Beller Fjetland for Discipline. They join my list alongside the ArchitectMade birds as a good competitor for my favourite wooden objet. The Re-Turned bird now sits in an elevated position looking down from my Vitsœ shelving.

I was intrigued by the animals Discipline launched as this is not the usual products which companies launch within their home accessories range, we’re more used to candlesticks, cushions, throws, clocks or desktop accessories – all which have purpose rather than for decoration purposes only. Of course you could argued that cushions are usually in that category, but they do serve some purpose beyond decoration in most cases.




I had never heard of Lars Beller Fjetland either, but as a new designer this was not unusual. Growing up on the west coast of Norway and having graduated in 2012 from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Lars has had a lifelong fascination with the marriage of function and the finest materials in furniture, interiors and lighting.

Lars tells us that the Re-Turned collection elevates leftover wood from being merely an ignored piece of trash to becoming a desired piece of feel-good woodcraft. A 100% recycled item, perfect as a housewarming-gift to someone with a big heart for Mother Nature.

I love the bird, and love it even more now that I know the background to it and how a decorative object was created from ugly waste material and turned in to something that can become valuable to someone else. A true ugly duckling story if there ever was one.


Designer: Lars Beller Fjetland
Manufacturer: Discipline
Year: 2013
Price: $45 from Hem


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