What is “Tenugui”?

Tenugui is a piece of dyed cotton cloth – an essential tool for the Japanese. Not only was it used as a towel or a handkerchief, in the past it was also used as a bandage and a headwear. Since it was possible to dye various graphic patterns and designs on the Tenugui, it also came to be used in place of a greeting card or business card.

And recently, people have found even more ways to use it, from place mats to tapestry for decorating their homes.  I bought these two Tenugui when I was in Tokyo during late 2008 from a small shop called Kamawanu. The name of this shop means “We may not give you a special service, but you are welcome anytime”. We didn’t have much time, so I had to go in and quickly decide what to buy. I am sure that I wasn’t the first British tourist to buy the Beckoning cat design but it will great adoring my walls.

You can more of their Tenugui at www.kamawanu.co.jp

Tenugui cat.JPGTenugui sun.JPG


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