Side tables by Curtis Popp

I am a real sucker for wood furniture. I just love the way that wood is crafted into all shapes, sometimes steamed and bent, sometimes very rigid and solid, either way solid wood furniture is a great addition to a room.

“Furniture is a natural progression for me as a designer,” Curtis Popp, designer of the SOFT side tables says, “I’ve created many site specific furniture pieces for my space clients, and I felt it was time to take this step”.

soft side table curtis popp all

The table is named SOFT due to its lack of harsh angles… “I didn’t use any hard edges and I think it makes the piece more welcoming and accessible”. I certainly agree with this and really love how soft the table is so smooth.

soft side table curtis popp orange

soft side table curtis popp stacking

The round table-top features exposed leg tops, in a button-like pattern. A really beautiful touch to add and makes a distinction between similar products on the market with coloured legs. Each table is currently made to order with American walnut or rift sawn white oak. The SOFT Side Table will be available later in the summer from for approximately $500.

soft side table curtis popp blue


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