Paul Rand’s business card

I handed over my business card to my new acquaintance only to be greeted with “Nice to meet you Paul”. The friendly, mocking tone was because my business card has a quote from a well-known designer, Paul Rand. Well-known for designing the logos and identities for brands such as IBM, UPS, Ikea and Steve Jobs’ NeXT computers company.


The quote that I have on my business card is “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good”. I love this quote so much as it constantly reminds me not to try to find a new idea or reinvent the wheel but to produce really good projects. There is a lot of pressure to keep pushing forward with new ideas, but let’s not forget the really amazing good design that is changing the world.

NeXT-logo-paul-rand-steve-jobs ideo-logo-paul-rand


When I stumbled across Paul Rand’s own business card, I was nervous whether mine made the cut and clearly it doesn’t or I might have followed through to become a graphic designer post-degree but Rand’s minimal Helvetica card is as beautiful as his logos, understated and hard-working.


One weight, one size, no distraction. I feel a redesign of my own coming on.

You can read more about his business card at Amassblog.


Having worked in design for the past decade, Daniel started as a discussion of timeless, modernist product design. Trained as a graphic designer, he also has an avid interest in typography. You can follow him on Twitter @ateliertally.

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