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I don’t usually repost other blogs, but this is something that I might start to consider. What with so many great bloggers out there nowadays, it seems incredibly difficult to create top quality posts every single time, so when I stumble across something worthy of a mention I may just throw it up here for all to see.

I have always loved Caperino & Peperone, and am currently sitting directly in front of my 2009 calendar (another wonder), so when they trotted in my neighbourhood, it caught my eye. And they mention our lovely friends at Monocle magazine, and the not-so-famous (but should be) ‘La Fromagerie‘ – they read my mind.



Caperino : Mon Oncle ?

Peperone: …no, MonOcle ! Tyler Brûlé announced that Zurich is the best city in the world.

Caperino : he must like cheese. By the way, i miss La Fromagerie in London. nice black crakers.


(Via colette)


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