Missoni Home makes its mark…

…well on me at least.

I don’t often talk about ‘style’ at ATELIER TALLY, I’ve had my ‘fill’ when it comes to items for the home, but my mission to spread the ‘slow’ gospel is still in tact when it comes to this stylish piece.

This floor cushion by Missoni at mydeco caught my eye – the pattern is modern, yet so unmistakably Missoni that it will date as well as any vintage fashion piece. This makes me stand up even more to say that I am enjoying what Missoni are doing for homeware.


“This family-run company has been at the forefront of Italian fashion since husband and wife Tai and Rosita started creating their innovative and unconventional knits in the basement of their home in 1953.

Today, Missoni continues to impress with its colourful creations. Elegant eveningwear, knit cardigans, accessories and must-have swimwear are among the extensive repertoire; all under the creative leadership of daughter Angela Missoni who continues to inject renewed energy into the label’s designs.” Net-a-Porter


I recently had a very interesting conversation about the similarities of fashion and furniture. Fashion has been miles ahead of any other lifestyle industry and it still remains ahead of the pack. Chanel launched their iPhone app as soon as the AppStore opened its doors, and then along came Gucci and others, including leading fashion e-tailer Net-a-Porter, who I have watched with awe for many years.

What the furniture industry lacks is a complete understanding of brand awareness. Haute couture is about creativity and is often a loss-leader that sells a brand. Yes, a new furniture collection is launched every year in Milan, and some of the parties are incredibly glamourous, but the creativity stops there for most. Missoni, however, appear to be able to bring fashion to furniture by really understanding how a distinctive collection is as much about brand awareness as it is to produce a beautiful piece.

I applaud them and want to see more.


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