Mini savoy

Savoy, the home of sweet romance
Savoy, it wins you at a glance
Savoy, gives happy feet a chance, to dance.

I have written about my favourite vase before, but now I have another reason to be in awe of its beauty… a miniature version.


75 years after Alvar Aalto designed the famous collection of free-blown glass objects, Iitalla have launched a 55mm mouth-blown mini-vase in the six original colours, often dubbed the ‘Savoy’ vase.

“It is extremely difficult to blow the right amount of molten glass, with the preferred consistency, into a tiny mould. Each movement has to be timed even more precisely than when one is working on a large vase” says master glassblower Keijo Kopra.

I was given it inside a bag at Skandium for an event I attended and you can imagine my excitement.

Read more about the Aalto vase at


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