Mason Cash mixing bowl

Who was Mason Cash? No, he was not the English brother of Johnny. Nor a Mason. The name actually comes from master potter ‘Bossy’ Mason, who took over the pottery at Church Gresley toward the end of the 19th century. Tom Cash acquired the pottery in 1901 and gave it the name Mason Cash & Co., a name still used when his son incorporated the company in 1941.

Mason cash mixing bowl

The English design of the Mason Cash mixing bowl has endured the test of time and has become a design classic. The design has barely altered for over a hundred years, which is why the brand is still renowned for its earthenware.

The bowls are heavy enough to counter the tendency to move during manual mixing and the pattern is designed to help grip the bowl. Clever, eh?

The shape allows you to hold the bowl in one arm easily while the other can be used for beating the mixture, whereas the wide shallow shape is just right for kneading dough.

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