Constructing Eames

I heart handmade. There, I said it. Well, not a big surprise really after appearing on the Etsy blog a few months back. So, on my usual browse of the Etsy blog for their delicious imagery and well-researched stories I stumbled across a story on ‘Assembling the Eames Lounge Chair‘.

I am a bit of a design-snob and often disregard the Eames lounge chair as overexposed. It has almost made a mockery of itself. But watching this video made me remember everything I thought when I first saw one and sat in it. The quality is perfect and rivals most of its competition, standing the true test of good design…time!

Eames Lounge chair

Do watch this video for some exquisite close-ups of an Eames lounge chair being assembled by Vitra…


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