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This post is part of a Media Partnership with 100% Design Singapore: 11-13 September 2013

We all know the show 100% Design from London and now the show has been taken to Singapore to begin a lengthy career of its own establishing Singapore as a centre for design. Following last year’s inaugural event, 100% Design Singapore 2013 returns with design, craft and the process of creation at the forefront of the event.


Voon Wong, London-based Singaporean architect and designer, and co-founder of VW+BS returned to curate this year’s event once again. With the increasing mechanisation of design processes and the evolution brought about by advanced technologies, this year’s theme for discussion will centre around ‘100% X – Making’.

“100% X is an umbrella theme that changes every year and is woven through the entire exhibition. This year’s theme of ‘100% X – Making’ seeks to explore how the nature of design creation has evolved and highlights the importance of processes behind quality design in Singapore and Southeast Asia. 100% Design Singapore will also be looking at how designers and architects have used manual and mechanised processes to create objects that are relevant to the way we live, while anticipating the impact new technologies will have on the status quo,” Voon said.


In the lead up to the September exhibition, 100% Design Singapore brought together key people within the design industry and members of the press to discuss ‘The Return to Making’, its role in cultural identity and the newest design trends emerging from Asia.

Led by Voon Wong and in line with the theme ‘100% X – Making’, the discussion on ‘The Return to Making’ included designers such as Jarrod Lim, of Jarrod Lim Design, Michael Toh, Managing Director of Air Division, and Rajesh Shah, Vice President of the Interior Design Confederation (Singapore). Each of the panel member is involved in 100% Design Singapore and had been specially chosen to take part in the discussion.


100% Design Singapore 2013 will include not only exhibitions of the latest in interior design. With its focus on making, the exhibition has been designed to incorporate as much of an interactive element as possible to bring the theme to life. This includes the 100% X installations where visitors can explore the journey of making thanks to demonstrations of 3D printing, the process of contemporary pottery making, a showcase of creations from the recipients of the President’s Design Award, and Haystakt’s presentation of all things well-made and the stories behind them.

If you are in Singapore later this week, it is a must-see event and a chance to really see what Southeast Asia has to offer the world of design.


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