Welcome to Design Confab, the podcast from Atelier Tally where each episode I sit down with a lovely person that I have met in the design industry. As a critically-acclaimed design blogger and communications agency director I meet interesting people from the design industry everyday and have good ol’ chats about what turns us on and off about the world of design.

Covering topics on furniture design, architecture, craft, clothing and digital design, each episode will make you the fly on the wall of my chats with the experts. I will be sitting down for a coffee with manufacturers, writers, designers, curators and business owners where they spill the beans on what they are seeing in the world of design.

You’ll hear about ideas that inspire my guests and the challenges they face and overcome with their work, as well as some anecdotes from our past chats. So sit back, grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage and enjoy the episodes from me, Daniel Nelson at Design Confab.

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