Choosing a new mattress for a spare room

One of the many things about moving into my new apartment is that I was able to afford a 2-bedroom. The second bedroom was lacking one crucial product from its furniture collection…a bed. I was able to get the perfect bed frame for the needs of the room but what I was extremely keen to do was to make my weekend guests feel so comfortable that they want to visit time and again. What’s the point in having a seaside home if you don’t have guests staying with you each weekend?

“I never usually sleep well in a new bed, but I slept like a log” Mum

Having already praised the Leesa mattress giving me a good night’s sleep, I was keen to make sure that this bedroom was fitted with the same cloud-like comfort. In the words of a well-known high-street store… this isn’t just any mattress, this is a soft-as-a-cloud back-loving best-night-ever mattress.

“I can say quite happily that I’ve not had an achy back ever since I started sleeping on my Leesa mattress. My bed is definitely my happy place.”

I’ve been sleeping on a Leesa mattress for the past year and it has made a huge difference to the quality of my sleep. I look forward to the end of the day when I can sink into that comfortable mattress and curl up for some Zzzz’s.

There is some science to all of this too, so you don’t have to take my word for it…

  • The 5cm top layer allows air-flow for a cooler night’s sleep. The Avena® foam also provides enough bounce for freedom of movement.
  • The 5cm memory foam layer provides the body contouring and pressure relief you’ve come to expect from memory foam. This is what stops my back from being even the slightest bit achy.
  • The 15cm dense core support foam adds strength, durability, and structure to support sleepers of all sizes, without feeling too firm on top.

Twinned with a fluffy duvet and cotton cover, my bed is definitely my happy place. After a busy week, there is nothing more enticing than a bed that is going to wrap itself around me and helps me to rest better. I find that I take on a lot of stress throughout the week from my work and some of my personal life, so sleeping and meditating are crucial to maintaining some balance. I value my sleep time because it restores me ready to take on the next day.

I was very surprised when my own mother came to visit one weekend and told me how well she had slept overnight.  As with all mothers, they like things their own way so to visit and stay in someone else’s bed for a night is somewhat daunting. I know that this was the ultimate test of how well my guests will sleep in this bedroom and I’m pleased to say that she slept incredibly well.

Now my 2-bedroom apartment is a sleeping advertisement for the comfort that Leesa has brought to my life. I couldn’t imagine sleeping on a sprung mattress again, or any other mattress. I don’t want to take the risk when I know already that I’m going to sleep my best on the Leesa.

Buy your own Leesa Mattress. Go on, do it.

“That mattress is so comfortable” Best friend

I had some other visitors come and see my first apartment…not only do they love how homely it feels (I’m bragging but it is homely if I do say so myself) but they love the comfort of the second bedroom.

It’s a small room, and I was faced with the idea of a futon, or a single bed, but instead, I tried to make sure my guests had what they needed for a short stay:

These elements are what really matter to guests, and not the stylish interior (although that helps).  We all know that when we stay somewhere we like to have a good nights’ sleep so why spend so little on a bed?! I know now that my friends and family will want to visit more often knowing that they can make themselves at home, and enjoy the room when they need to go to sleep.

Thanks Leesa, I now have two bedrooms so comfortable that both me and my guests are sleeping soundly.


Again, in the interest of full disclosure, I need to say that Leesa did send me the mattress in the hope that I would love it and review it again. This has not influenced the writing of my blog post, I write what I think about products no matter what as I believe in the integrity of my writing. So, you may take this from me that I fully endorse the Leesa mattress and if you’re reading this considering purchasing a new mattress, try Leesa for 100-nights. I don’t think you’ll be sending it back.


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