Five daily essentials

I was tagged by Carole from Dear Designer to blog my five daily essentials, along with four other great bloggers… Ellie from In Pursuit of Loveliness, Anna from Around My Table, Ms Pink at The Pink and Blue Blog and Stacey Sheppard.

It was a lot of fun thinking about this and what I do on a daily basis. So let me talk you through it…

Five daily essentials

  • Spotify – I love music, and when Spotify came to iPhone it was a revelation. I can now change my playlist daily, or hourly even. I LOVE it!
  • Twitter – what social media manger would be without Twitter on a daily basis? I use it on my iPhone, my Macbook and Tweetdeck at work.
  • Brompton – not only is it free to travel, but it is exercise. What could be better than that?
  • BBC iPlayer – I don’t have a television so without BBC iPlayer I wouldn’t be able to tune in and watch sarcastic nurses taking recreational drugs.
  • Mont Blanc Meisterstück – this was my 30th birthday present and I try to use it often. If I have to write something, this is exactly the pen I use and I love using it.

I loved the idea of asking people to plot their five daily essentials, but I wondered who started this pyramid of blogging. So, I traced it back and here are the results…

To keep the pyramid alive, I will challenge five bloggers to continue the journey. So, here goes:

Over to your guys and girls, get blogging! And to everyone else, have a great weekend.

Beeb does the Genius of Design

This five-part series, made by the team behind the award-winning series The Genius of Photography, tells the story of design from the Industrial Revolution through 20s modernism, the swinging 60s, the designer 80s and up to the present day. Features interviews with star designers like Philippe Starck and creatives from Apple and Ford; as well as design fans like Stephen Fry and last but not least Dieter Rams.

Okay, I can’t help it.  40 hours a week is spent promoting Dieter Rams and his wonderful products so when I knew that this TV series was coming along I was in the perfect position to write about it.

The first of five weekly episodes airs on Friday 7 May 2010 at 7pm. on BBC2.

Should you wish to hear more, the series producer, Tim Kirby, will be examining the inspiration behind the series alongside its production and measured approach to the subject of design. Register for your ticket at the latest ‘Vitsœ talks’.

You can buy the DVD at the

What your licence fee pays for

39p a day, that is what our licence costs. Well, it is more now, but the figures haven’t been published yet.

I no longer watch my television; it is rather old now and as my good friend William pointed out, it is rather large. But I do love iPlayer to watch programmes.

I had always thought the licence was just for the television, but as the graph below shows, it also pays towards the radio. I’ve always agreed with my other half that the licence is worth it for Radio 4 alone.


I know that it is easy to criticise the BBC for spending unwisely, but I do think they do a rather good job. iPlayer is a marvelous application and well-designed too. It stands head and shoulders above others catch-up services and continues to serve up some very good quality shows.

I can see the future without the BBC and it isn’t pretty, so I’m going to go on record and say that I love the BBC and gladly hand over 39p per day to them for the right to watch or listen to their programmes.

Now all they need to do is take over Channel 4 so that we can keep getting Ruth Watson’s show.