‘Span’ Dining Table by Wales & Wales for Joined & Jointed

In my round up of the London Design Festival 2013, I chose just eight products or companies which stood out to me instantly and were worthy an individual post. I can never cover everything, no matter how hard I try, and inevitably I go back through my notes and leaflets to find other things jumping out to me. The collection by Joined & Jointed is one such company.

The creation of designer Samuel Chan, of Channels, Joined & Jointed has carved a collection for a different audience that can be sold directly to consumers via their website and appointment-only showroom in London.



The designs are contemporary, with a great list of designers which they collaborated with for the launch collection. The shelving has been getting a lot of attention, but it was the Span dining table by Wales & Wales which has really caught my attention for it’s obvious joints, connecting a few pieces together, exposing the quality of the product which most would prefer to hide away for fear that it would expose the short-comings.

Described by its designers as “a very simple, almost vernacular design”, the visual interest of ‘Span’ is its under-carriage. Its rounded legs, angled struts, joint details and curved table edge recall oriental joinery methods.

My second favourite part of this is the price, which I assume is in part due to their model of selling directly to the consumer online. At only £720, this table is a fraction of the price it should be retailing at if it were sold via a high street store who needs their mark-up in order to make a profit. Most customers are shocked by how inexpensive a product is if bought directly from the manufacturer but it is also exceptionally difficult to reach customers who return to their favourite store to buy more items for the home.



I was almost entering my card details when I realised I had no space in my current flat for this table but it is now on my wish list for the next place I move to. I even received a personal email from Joined & Jointed after I abandoned my cart offering any assistance with my purchase. I was almost embarrassed to say that I was checking delivery costs and wishful thinking but that I knew this was already on the blog to-do list which redeemed my change of mind.

I hope to see this model work well for them and see them grow larger and larger as it is really refreshing to see a company changing the way in which we look to purchase well-made products and building a price-point which is within my budget. Good luck Joined & Jointed in this new venture.


Designer: Wales & Wales
Manufacturer: Joined & Jointed
Year: 2013
Price: £720


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