Milan report: ESTD collection

Thanks to a report from Seymourpowell, one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies, I was able to get a great insight into the news flowing out of Milan Furniture Fair 2011.

Wining and miniature dining me through their key trends for the future, they gave me plenty to share at ATELIERTALLY.

“For designers and trend researchers alike, all roads lead to Milan. A lighthouse which illuminates the future of design, Milan is both geographically and aesthetically the centre of the emerging design universe; the cultural zeitgeist forms here first”
– Richard Seymour

ESTD collection: pour

To understand what trends will happen in the future, you need to understand what is trending now, so today I bring you the ESTD collection from London-based manufacturers Established & Sons.

Having raised the bar to a height that even they could not maintain, Established & Sons have brought us timeless design from the leaders of technology and style, outlandish editions from some of the most famous product designers and now putting their hand to everyday objects with no focus on the superstar names that are usually attached to their collections.

Seymourpowell tells us that we are “not looking for superstars anymore” and Established & Sons have responded to this with a collection that is more affordable, more useful and less focus on the designer who created it.

ESTD collection: potto

ESTD collection: loaf

So much so that the products are not even identified by the designer leaving the choice to buy it down to whether it serves a purpose, looks beautiful and fits in with your life.

How this collection sits alongside products from Maarten Baas is a wonder, but certainly this company is responding to the wide range of consumers for design and taking into consideration the reward that can come from creating a product range that is set to sell in volume.

ESTD collection: serve

I am encouraged by this new direction, even if it is only an offshoot rather than a U-turn and pleased to see a company that has found its voice with the press and now the manufacturing strength that can push through into mass-producing good design.

Seymourpowell trend report


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