Richard Meier x Massimo Vignelli

Illustrious modernist Richard Meier and multi-disciplinary creator Massimo Vignelli reflect on their respective crafts, city life, and enduring friendship in this mesmeric film by Johnnie Shand Kydd. Shot at the minimalist offices of Richard Meier & Partners on 10th Avenue and West 36th Street, the two powerhouses discuss their collaboration on the firm’s forthcoming monograph, Richard Meier, Architect Volume 6, chronicling the stark, white, rationalist buildings that define the firm’s aesthetic.

The Pritzker Prize laureate’s most notable projects include the Getty Center in L.A., the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, and more recently, the two glass-and-steel towers on Perry Street in New York’s West Village that Martha Stewart, Ian Schrager, Calvin Klein, and Nicole Kidman have all called home. Vignelli, too, has left a significant mark on Manhattan, having famously designed the New York subway map and signage, in addition to working on everything from packaging and furniture design to corporate identities for clients like BMW, Barney’s, Xerox and American Airlines.

“Architects need to have a certain arrogance, a sense of self-belief,” posits Shand Kydd. “A designer, however, has to be more collaborative. Consequently, Meier and Vignelli have very different natures, but like all very talented people, they both look forward and not back.” Here Meier nonetheless looks to his present city, and beyond, to reveal his select few architectural necessities.

Richard Meier x Massimo Vignelli, On the Edge of Modernism With the Master Architect and the Genius Designer at

Lernert & Sander with Brioni

I posted videos by Lernert & Sander a couple of years ago so when I saw this video, commissioned by Wallpaper* magazine I was instantly hooked.

Dutch artists Lernert & Sander’s idea for this stills and video series for Wallpaper* Handmade 2012, shown in a specially-designed outdoor cinema at Brioni HQ in April 2012, arose naturally from the marriage of Brioni’s bespoke craftsmanship and Wallpaper’s Handmade theme.

‘We like to be playful and have fun, so there is an element 
of mischief about this film,’ they say. ‘What better way to showcase the abilities of Brioni’s master tailors than to set them the ultimate test of skill with a particularly exacting customer?’.






Fiat 500 by Gucci

Originally launched in 1957, the latest iteration of the doe-eyed classic Fiat 500 has been specially customised by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini, who enhanced the Fiat 500’s distinguishing traits and added the fashion house’s signature detailing via a signature red-green web down the side and the unmistakable “Guccissima” leather print on the seats.

Invited alongside visionaries such as Italian Vogue’s Franco Sozzani and Purple’s Olivier Zahm to dream up a film celebrating the partnership between the Italian automaker and fashion house, Director Chris Sweeney created a giant plastic model kit of the Fiat 500 by Gucci like the ones he used to make as children. “It’s an extreme, austere fashion version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Wallace and Gromit, which are very playful, silly, colorful and magic,” explains Sweeney of his film.

fiat 500 gucci

26 typewriters

“Wrongful practicing of xylophone music tortures every larger dwarf” or “Falsches Üben von Xylophonmusik quält jeden größeren Zwerg” as it should be, is a sentence with the 26 letters of the alphabet – in German natch as clearly it is missing ‘bjkqz’ in English. This was the perfect way to test the functioning of every key on a typewriter. This method of communication, obsolete nowadays, is the ancestor of many major innovations.

26 typewriters exhibition exit creative

26 typewriters exhibition 1

“26 Typewriters” was a very successful exhibition held at Envoy Enterprises gallery in New York for one night in September 2011. 50 vintage typewriters were collected, reflecting 70 decades, including classic models such as the “Groma”, built in Germany in 1944 and the “Olivetti Valentine” by Ettore Sottsass in 1969 as “antimachine machine.” Exit Content chose 26 images to produce a series of prints and published a book of 36 pages in limited edition. Can you hear my geeky heart pounding?

26 typewriters exhibition 2

26 typewriters exhibition 3

To fall in love with this even more, watch this type-omatic video…

You can buy the book from colette for £34.31. If you would like to buy me one, feel absolutely free. 🙂

Still + Co for Sit and Read

I wrote about Sit and Read in February last year and have kept a close eye ever since. I love their latest project, working with Still + Co to create a collection of rugs, hand-dyed in Brooklyn.

Mike Strout of the burgeoning Still + Co made a series of overdyed rugs that went on display in January with a limited edition chair part of the exhibition.

If nothing else, this beautiful film with a soothing background tune makes me want to run away to the country and sell hand-knitted jumpers and backed apple pies. Now, I’m sure I had some hair dye somewhere from 1997…

Still + Co for Sit and Read